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About us

Anna Casanovas, is the result of a dream fulfilled in 2020, a project that came true, which flourishes thanks to Anna Casanovas, graphic designer and illustrator.

The brand was born under the sun and waves of the Mediterranean, wanting to transmit those values of yesteryear to its collections. With one eye on the past and one foot in the present, the brand has the purpose of creating exclusive shirts, for daring clients who are looking for a clear differentiation, with quality materials.

At Anna Casannovas, we believe in a better world, a conscious, sustainable and fair lifestyle. For this we took action, putting our little grain of sand and working for an ethical trade, with sustainable production.

Fashion shirts

Our shirts are designed and produced in Catalonia, Spain. Using quality products and materials in local workshops, paying special attention to every detail of the product manufacturing process, and of our suppliers, from the first idea to the final product. That is why the garment manufactured has been created under optimal working conditions and with environmental awareness, thus reinforcing our brand values and with the intention of persisting and improving the growth of the firm.

Fashion shirts

Our prints are unique illustrations, created from the combination of traditional and digital techniques by the illustrator and CEO, Anna Casannovas, where the effort, involvement, dedication, affection and above all the illusion, are reflected in each garment giving them a bold, casual, modern and timeless character.

Anna Casannovas is an emerging author brand, created with solid, honest and transparent values, it is more than a garment, it constitutes an ethic of life and a condition of living, based on respect for people and our land.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we do creating them. Made by creative minds for creative souls.

We wish you a HAPPY SUMMER and a HAPPY LIFE!

Fashion shirts

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Barcelona, ESPAÑA


(+34) 611 70 94 16


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